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Anthropologists through the years have compiled legends of the global flood recited by over five hundred ancient people groups around the world, so did they all just dream it up, or are these actually variations of the story of Noah’s Flood accurately related in the book of Genesis?  Mainstream scientists say all these stories are fairy tales, but what are the odds that ancient people groups from around the world would have the same story (with variations of course), all about a flood which covered the earth in ancient times with only a few having survived?

Skeptics of biblical history say that these were aggrandized stories of actually just local floods in the various regions of the world, river flooding for instance, or the flood described in some legends also, the sea level rise when the Ice Age ended circa 1500 B.C., such as the legend of the submergence of the coastal kingdoms of Rama and Kumari Kandam in the vedic litereature of India, but the vedic literature also describes the global flood before that, actually about 900 years before that, the global flood survived by Manu and the Seven Rishis.

Mainstream scientists opposed to the biblical model disingenously say that it would have been impossible for the flood water to have covered the high mountain ranges of the world (such as the lofty Himalayas or Andes), which is true, but the mountains rose at the close of the flood year, proven by the geology which we see in the mountain ranges (explained in chapter 9 of the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!), which opens up a whole new can of worms for the mainstreamers to digest for sure, as I would love to debate any of them on this issue, and the others detailed in the various categories at this website.

When you realize that only warmer oceans, heated by the fountains of the great deep (midoceanic ridges) during Noah’s Flood, could have been the engine for the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age, and that the radioisotope dating methods are based upon unknowable quantitative presuppositions, then it’s quite obvious that there’s much to be said for this global flood business, so I challenge you to look further into it, refering to article #13 at, to see that all but the first six days of creation in Genesis was recorded by eyewitnesses, so read that account of the flood, recorded by Noah, very carefully.

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