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Bill O”Reilly showed the new http://funnyordie.com comedic video tonight on The Factor (fortuitiously for the opponents of Obama actually), with Mad TV ex Jordan Peele playing presdient Obama, the clip called Barack Obama Debunks the Birther Conspiracy, where “Obama” holds a copy of the Obama’s certificate of live birth (colb) in front of the camera, copies of the piece of paper which have been circulating as proof that Obama fulfills the birth requirements to be president, but which however is not the full form birth certificate, supposedly now in a vault somewhere in Hawaii, which Team Obama refuses to release, so the video, intended to make fun of the “birthers” who doubt Obama’s legal status to be president, will backfire on Peele, writer Owen Burke, and the democrat operators who advise them, because this video only fuels the flames, with the exposure on O’Reilly, and surely much more to follow on other networks, and its certain viral spread through the internet, further eroding Obama’s support as more people look into it, the last thing the Democrats want.

Half of Kenya thinks Obama was born there, so the mainstream media says they’re all liars I guess, and Obama was a duel citizen in Indonesia as a youth, having traveled to Pakistan in the early 80’s, perhaps as Barry Soetoro the Muslim from Indonesia?  Who knows?  And Team Obama certainly is not helping us find out, which too only adds fuel to the fire of doubt about what really makes Obama tick, and who helped in his meteroric rise in politics (google Khalid al Mansour and Frank Marshall Davis), but Americans are beginning to figure out by his communist black liberation policies learned from Jeremiah Wright that he’s aiming for government control of industry, with blacks, whites, and browns, intended to be on the government payroll, so Team Obama can determine who gets what jobs, total control, with the role of free enterprise diminished deliberately, not what most Democrats had bargained for the 2008 presidential election.

And in case you ever wondered how the ancients surveyed the earth commensurate dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, by measuring time, but not in the way you’d normally think, then be sure to checkout article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, to see that there certainly is intelligent design of the universe, with the rate of the earth’s wobble, 72 years,/degree, the perfect base 6 number to have measured and mapped the earth.  Your teachers probably haven’t seen this yet, so do give ’em a look.

See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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