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British alternative archaeological writer Graham Hancock did the world a great service in his books bringing our attention to the hundreds of sites of submerged ruins of cities found on the continental shelves in many parts of the world, which raised the important question, when did the Ice Age actually end for the sea level to have risen?  Hancock thinks the ancients were building great megalithic structures in the 10000 B.C. timeframe, when the Ice Age ended, as proponed by Hancock (see, as do mainstream scientists, but the mainstream scientists, such as Katherine Reece over at the tragically orthodox archaeology board, don’t want to talk about the submerged ruins for the obvious reason that their presence on the seafloor calls into question the mainstreamers’ date for the end of the Ice Age, which clearly ended much later than they are willing to admit, because it falls in line with the biblical account in Genesis, with the Ice Age having ended when the Exodus occurred.

So the question remains, how were those hundreds of cities, now submerged on the shallow seafloor all around the world built in the 2000 B.C. timeframe when precise transoceanic navigating is thought by the mainstreamers to have been impossible during the bronze age?  The answer is that the ancients could in fact measure the earth, and so, map it, by the method simply and concisely explained for you in article #2 at, simply explained, by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, not acknowledged stubbornly by Reece at the Hall of Maat, because she’s afraid of the Bible, as are most mainstream scientists, because it messes with their model, designed to try to disprove the Bible, but fails miserably has you can see as you read on at this website.  And see

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