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For years I have jousted with fellow author Graham Hancock about the age of the earth, when the Ice Age actually ended (really circa 1500 B.C.), how the ancients measured the earth, which I figured out (see article #2 at, and now, as I think back about our exchanges and his books, he really has no explanation for Atlantis, perhaps thinking it’s too hot to handle, or he just doesn’t have a clue?

I recall his having written that Atlantis was some unknown continent now submerged in the middle of the Atlantic, revealing his lack of geological knowledge, common to many who are searching the mysteries of Atlantis, but Plato tells us in Critias and Timaeus that the Atlantean Empire stretched inside and outside the Straits of Gibraltar (Pillars of Hercules), that was along the coastline from Portugal and Spain to Italy, and from Morocco all the way to Libya, as stated in Plato’s text, plain for all to see, yet ignored by such as Hancock.

Of course Plato also spoke of Atlantis, the main city, first called the City of Posidon, then the City of Atlas, which was surrounded by three rings of canals, now submerged, probably off Cadiz, Spain, where there are many submerged ruins, some as far out as thirty miles from shore, south of Cadiz, according to Maxine Asher, so Atlantis was a city and a coastline empire, great navigators, by the method explained in the link, which Hancock has posted at his website, yet hasn’t admitted its veracity, because its from a young earth creationist, and he hates that, plus it takes the “ancient aliens certainly must have surveyed the Great Pyramid” new age mantra off the table, which cuts into his bottom line, wanting people to buy his new age drivel.

And the ringed “island” of the City of Posidon was on the southern end of the Atlantean plain, to the north of which was the large mountain chain which was the source of the great mineral wealth for Atlantis (according to Plato’s account), not of some submerged continent in the Atlantic, but the description perfectly fits the southern plain of Spain, with the Sierra Morena and Nevada mountains to the north, and the submerged ruins offshore now, since the end of the Ice Age, all along the coast, and off Morocco, in the shadow of the Atlas mountains, right where Plato says they should be.

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