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Alternative archaeoligical writer Graham Hancock called me crazy by email for being a christian young earth creationist, but the intelligent design model, as indicated in the history recorded in the book of Genesis, nicely answers the questions which Hancock has raised through his extensive study, such as how can bronze age megalithic ruins be submerged in hundreds of locations around the world when the Ice Age ended (supposedly) circa 10000 B.C.? 

And Hancock has wondered in his books how the ancients obviously utilized the precession rate of the earth’s axis to measure the earth and the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, when the answer is in article #2 at, which Hancock has since posted at his website (‘though he called me crazy), knowing that it is the answer, deduced by a young earth creationist, which surely causes great agitation for Hancock, but the finding is obviously true, so he’s stuck with it, from a christian, no less a young earth creationist, anathema to the new ager Hancock, who but now is figuring out there is veracity in the Genesis account, which he certainly will have a hard time admitting, but miracles happen.

Luke Hancock, the son of the author, is operating Hancock’s website now, recently having offered a link to a website displaying all the documentaries which his father has produced, with comments at the bottom, where I posted that Hancock called me crazy for being a young earth creationist, while the biblical model explains the supposed difficult questions mentioned above, citing the link to this blogsite for more information, but somebody had my post removed, perhaps Luke, perhaps not, but the trend continues, as I was banned (ironically just after my finding was posted) from Hancock’s message board, for being too convincing no doubt, while now still, the Hancock’s continue to hide from the facts, showing little intellectual integrity.


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