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The birther controversy is really sweeping the nation, with many tens of millions of americans now doubting that Barack Obama was actually born in Hawaii, but rather in Kenya, where many kenyans say this is true, with Hardball’s Chris Matthews leading the charge in opposition, claiming that those who believe such are crazy, saying that they are racists if they doubt he was born in Hawaii, but of course, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

The governor of Hawaii decided to not reveal Obama’s “authentic” birth certificate, saying  the certificate of live birth (the COLB) should suffice, copies of which are being waved around by Matthews and co. on the air, but which has been demonstrated to be a fraud, so why won’t Hawaii’s governor produce the birth certificate to end all the suspense?  What’s plain is that she certainly hasn’t, and so, the controversy continues, by no fault of the doubters, as the governor only brings suspicion on the whole thing by her stonewalling.

And many u. s. citizens, such as philadelphia attorney Philip Berg, have taken the case to court, almost always hearing the judicial pronouncement that regular citizens “have no legal standing” to question the legitimacy of a president’s birth claim in court, which of course reeks of elitism and judicial fix, so the controversy continues, by no fault of the doubters, who are merely reacting to the strange pronouncements and actions from the goverment which makes it all seem just a little too strange. 

Until resolved, this issue will dog Obama throughout his tenure, which may be just three more years, because as long as this birther controversy continues, another democrat nominee for president will probably emerge at the Democrats’ convention for 2012, with many black americans by then too wanting Obama out, for a variety of reasons, now apparent as he rushes us to fascist progressivism, not what most Democrats had bargained for in the 2008 election.

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