Proof of Where is was Atlantis Size Shape Location Island Continent of Atlantis Iberian Peninsula Atlantean Plain Southern Spain South of Sierra Morena Mountains Rio Tinto Ancient Phoenician Atlantean Metallurgy Gold Silver Mining Tin Copper Bronze Age Ore Riches Export Atlantis Larger then Libya and Asia Combined Ice Age Shorelines Spain Portugal Morocco Gibraltar Atlas Mountains Atlantic Ocean Region Realm Mediterranean Sea Submerged Cities of Atlantean Empire Underwater Ruins

The fantastically rich ancient mining districts of the Sierra Morena Mountains of central Spain, specifically, along the Rio Tinto River, have long been suspected to have been the mineral-rich mountains described in Plato’s Atlantis story, to the north of the Atlantean plain, the source of the mineral wealth and strategic location of Atlantis, there near the Straits of Gibraltar.  And corroborative of this notion is that Plato (in Critias) wrote that the atlantean plain was three hundred miles by two hundred miles in area, which is not coincidentally the size of the plain of southern Spain to the south of the Sierra Morenas.   Additionally, Plato wrote that the mineral rich mountains to the north of the atlantean plain ran across the middle of  the island of Atlantis, which makes it quite obvious that the “island” was the Iberian peninsula, including Spain and Portugal.

The island of Atlantis which was consumed by the sea in Plato’s story was the City of Posidon, the citadel and temple city which was surrounded by concentric canals, and so, was an island, so Plato or his translators confused the meaning of peninsula with island, because Plato also wrote that Atlantis extended both outside the Straits of Gibraltar (into the Atlantic), and inside (into the Mediterranean), all the way to Italy and Libya, proving that Atlantis was a coastal empire, during the Ice Age, until the sea level rose with the end of the Ice Age to consume many bronze age port cities, submerged ruins of some now found off the coast of southern Spain.  And I would bet the City of Posidon is submerged somewhere off the mouth of the Guadalquiver River, which empties into the Atlantic at Cadiz (Gades), who was a son of Posidon, as too was Elasippus (Lisbon).  Checkout

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