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Ancient egyptian legend, as it was written, says that the goddess Nut, the queen of heaven, stopped the flood sent to destroy the world, and this goddess Nut was also known in Egypt as Neith, the Athena of ancient Greece, who actually was Naamah in the Bible, Ham’s wife, known as Naamu and Semiramis in ancient Assyria, who survived Noah’s Flood with the other seven, but claimed to have stopped the Flood, when only God’s mercy allowed the eight to survive on the Ark, apparently ignored by Ham’s wife, who brought the religion of Cain (the greek god Hephaestos), by way of Naamah’s brother Tubal Cain, into the post Flood world, in rebellion to God’s Word, straight from the philosophy of Cain, who had killed Abel because he had given an offering pleasing to God, while Cain had not, making him jealous and so then murderous.

On the Parthenon in Athens, dedicated to Athena, were ancient panels of artwork which depicted the struggle of Chiron/Chronos (Ham) and his wife Athena against Nereus, the fish man, the Noah of the Bible, whose religion of God was supposedly usurped by the materialistic ancestor-worship promulgated by Ham/Chronos and Naamah/Athena, who brought the religion of Cain through the Deluge, apparently with the cooperation, or at least toleration, by Ham/Chronos, who was not condemned, but his son Canaan was; Canaan, whose progeny in the Holy Land was mostly eliminated by the Hebrews who had come out of Egypt when the Ice Age was ending to attack the Canaanites from their east.

Chronos/Chiron/Ham was the time man, and his great grandson, Sidon (Posidon), and great great grandson, Atlas, are associated with ancient mapping, and the two, timekeeping and mapping were interrelated for geometry in ancient times, as explained simply to share in article #2 at, so it’s evident that the biblical timeline actually matches much of so-called mythological history, just what you’d expect when many tried to minimalize the books of the Old Testament being compiled by the Hebrews through the centuries.  And see too

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