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Rush Limbaugh is saying that Barack Obama is a liar about his universal healthcare plan, with Obama having said he wants it passed now, and then saying to a limited access conference yesterday (the clip played by Limbaugh today) that he’s not aware of the provision in the bill that if you leave your current private provider, you must sign up with the government plan.  So Limbaugh, in calling him a liar, presumes that Obama really knows what’s in the bill, which is what one would expect of this president, or any president, considering the huge implications of this bill, a key component being that once you leave a private plan, you can’t sign up with another, it would be only with the government plan, oh joy.

Limbaugh is speeding up the audio clips which he plays of Obama these days to “near chipmunk speed” in honor of Obama’s desire to rush the bill through Congress (even ‘though he ostensibly doesn’t know what’s in it), which really sounds pretty good, compared to the long tedious cadence of Obama’s orations, laced with long pauses, it’s the way all clips of Obama should be played, because he’s in a hurry, to get that government control of the medical industry established, now vigorously opposed by most Americans, as Obama continues to tank in the polls.  Many of the people who voted for him now rightly don’t trust him, and he’s beginning to realize it I’m sure, with Limbaugh hilariously suggesting today that Obama delayed today’s news conference to hear what Rush was saying about him and his impending news conference, too funny, and possibly true for sure.

And as a change of pace from this political wildness, would you like to know how the ancients measured the earth by its wobble rate?  Or how submerged bronze age ruins prove that the Ice Age ended much later than popularly advertised?  Checkout articles #1 and #2 at to get the information, and see how it all fits into the Bible as you read on here under the various categories.

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