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Do you think it’s a coincidence that the ancient hindu yugas of time, denominated in units of 432,000 years, is a number ten times the reduction factor, 43,200, that the Great Pyramid of Giza is to the size of the earth?  And Plato’s Great Year, of 25,960 years, is 4,320 times 6, the number of sides of a hexagon, so do you suppose that since the length of one side of a hexagon is the same length as the radius of a circle circumscribing said hexagon, then timekeeping and hexagon geometry were in play for the commonality of these numbers?  The answer is yes, demonstrably yes, simply explained in article #2 at, which is the origin of the chaldean sexagesimal numbering system, the sexagesimal greek stadia distance system, and of course, the numbers we see in this method are those of our nautical mile mapping system, both based on timekeeping, but different standards, anciently by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, at 72 years/degree.

That Plato knew this number for “the Great Year,” 25,920, proves that at least his ancestors, since he probably didn’t, knew the significance of this number as it relates to the greek stadia distance measuring system, a sexagesimal system, from the precession rate of the earth’s axis, the same earth wobble rate measuring and mapping performed by many ancient tribes listed in the Table of Nations, Genesis 10, in the Bible, such as the Pelasgians (Peleg) and Ion (Javan), father of Greece, and Tarshish of Atlantis, and Canaan, Ham (Chronos), and Sidon (Posidon), who sailed and explored the world during the Ice Age, which only could have been caused by paradoxically warmer oceans, see as you read on under category Catastrophic Climate Change.

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