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The Bible is the Word, and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, 2,000 years ago, when the Word incarnated to then die on the cross for the forgiveness of sins, who before the cross, spoke of the literal Noah’s Flood, which covered the world, not what darwinists nor christian old earth creationists Hugh Ross and John Ankerberg teach about ancient history, that the earth is billions of years old, and Noah’s flood was really not as it’s clearly described in the book of Genesis in the Bible, so I ask Ross and Ankerberg, then when in the Bible does real history begin?

The master painters of renaissance and medieval times treated Noah’s Flood as a real event, even Michaelangelo’s ceiling panel painting in the Sistine Chapel shows the Deluge as described in the Bible, where now, the Catholic church says darwinism is true, and so, Noah’s Flood did not happen as recounted in the Bible, recounted by eyewitnesses actually, who according to the darwinists, Ankerberg, and Ross, must have been hallucinating or lying to have told this ostensibly tall-tale of fiction.

Artists even back in ancient times depicted the global Flood as it was, not as mainstream science now says it was, so how could the artists, hebrew, christian, or not, throughout the ages, have faithfully depicted the Deluge when it supposedly never happened?  There are over 600 legends from around the world of the global Flood, but mainstream scientists say they all are crazy, so does that make sense?  Who’s ignoring the evidence?

Refer to to see some of the medieval artwork concerning Noah and the Flood, art reflective of the biblical account, confirmed by many legends from non Hebrews who obviously have no interest in corroborating legends, so is this just coincidence?

When you consider that all of the Bible except the six days of creation in Genesis was recorded by human eyewitnesses (see article #13 at, it’s very obvious that the hundreds of legends about the global Deluge are based upon real history, that which the naysayers of Genesis history ignore, along with the great physical evidence confirming that worldwide catastrophe.

And see

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