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Anciently submerged bronze age ruins abound in many parts of the world, off the coasts of Japan, India, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere, chronicled in Karen Mutton’s new book Sunken Realms, noting submerged ruins in the Persain Gulf off the coast of Iran, apparently of ancient Elam, Sumer, Dilmun, or Meluhha, submerged since the later-than-advertised end of the Ice Age, known and researched for years by iranian oceanographers, but not known to the public because these ruins indicate that the end of the Ice Age, when the sea level rose to submerge these cities, was much later than the 10000 B.C. date which mainstream scientists speciously opine, proven wrong by these now submerged bronze age cities, the date for the building of which far postdates mainstream science’s time for the end of the Ice Age by about 7,000 years, clearly rendering their timeline senseless.

Mutton tries to avoid the obvious in her book, that the sea level rose circa 1500 B.C. obviously when the Ice Age ended, by surmising that merely earthquakes during that timeframe caused many of the buildings’ submergences, the ruins of the deeper sites submerged since the end of the Ice Age, which she says began to end circa 10000 B.C., of course thereby necessitating that city building, such as during the bronze age, was ongoing 7,000 years before mainstream scientists say it began.

The iranian government reported submerged ruins of Dalamatia, Kish, and Gorgan, in the Persian Gulf, demonstrate that the shallow Persian Gulf was dry land during the Ice Age, when those cities were built, but which succumbed to the sea when the Ice Age ended, obviously much later than popularly advertised in mainstream scientific circles, which is why they don’t like to talk about submerged ruins at all, just ask them.

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