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The early new testament church shared just about everything, they had to, because they were not the most popular people around (just ask Nero), so they learned that to love your neighbor as to love yourself is to share what you have with your brothers and sisters in faith, and to give for the evangelization of those yet to believe, the purpose of tithing and gifting, to help people, so pastor Toby M. Slough, of the Cross Timber Community Church in Argyle, Texas, decided that some in his congregation, now sheepish about their lack of ability to give, because of hard economic times, decided to open-up the offering plate, two way, depositors and takers, to help pay some bills for the currently unemployed members of the congregation.

Pastor Slough says you must be a good receiver of blessings in order to be a good and cheerful giver, true that, since all blessings ultimately come from God (what wealthy Christians should understand), so we should share with our brothers and sisters in need (provided they are trying to help themselves too), and with these tough economic times during this (hopefully last) term of Barack Obama’s presidency, this certainly different yet biblical sharing practice at Cross Timber could sweep the churches of the nation, as pastor Slough notes the congregation’s giving has increased since the practice began, swelling the church’s coffers, with surely much more to follow.

And with this revival of practical new testament Christianity, we should also focus on the root of the Bible, the book of Genesis, which chronicles the creation, the generations, and Noah’s Flood, with the ark having been surveyed in ancient cubits (remember the old Bill Cosby skit on phonograph?), the cubit determined by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, at 72 years/degree, explained quite simply in article #2 at, the same unit of length used to survey the Great Pyramid of Giza and King Solomon’s temple, the global navigation technique which enabled the post Flood generations to sail all over the globe during the Ice Age.

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