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Illegal alien Mexicans in the U. S., demanding citizenship saying their ancient homeland Aztlan was the territory now covering the states of the U. S. southwest, don’t know what they’re talking about, because their own ancient history, in the ancient book the Popol Vuh, says the original settlers in Mexico came from across the eastern ocean, the Atlantic, the namesake of Atlan/Aztlan, otherwise known as Atlantis, which was a maritime empire, based in the Gibraltar region, some navigators of which were of Manding speaking people of northwest Africa, who apparently were the first Olmecs, as the linguistic affinities and art-style similarities indicate (see Clyde Winters). 

So illegal alien advocay groups, such as La Raza (the Race), seeking citizenship for illegal aliens in the U. S., are basing their claims on nonsense, because we see that Atlan was Atlantis, along the eastern Atlantic basin, mostly near Gibraltar, during the Ice Age, and because when eighteenth century Americans began to move on out into the southwest, about the only Mexicans there were catholic priests, trying to convert the tribes there which were much more ancient than the spanish Mexicans, who dominated the Mexican culture since the conquistadores from Spain had come over about three hundred years previously, to loot and plunder, and then form the foundations of the Mexican government which is still rife with corruption and monopolistic practices.  The little guy can’t get up.

And to know the origin of the ancient Mayan units of time, called tuns, baktuns, and katuns, which are base six numbers, refer to article #2 at, to see why most of the ancient units of measure, such as the ancient mexican hunab, which just happens to be twice the length of the ancient egyptian royal cubit, were derived from earth distance measurements obtained by the measure of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, at the rate of 72 years/degree, the number of virgins for each man in muslim heaven, and the number of conspirators against the legendary egyptain sun god during its “underworld” transit at night, Osiris.

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