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In the documentary “Decoding the Past; the Mysteries of the Garden of Eden,” now playing on the History Channel, the producers propose that the four rivers which flowed from (out of) the biblical Garden of Eden (the Gihon, Pison, Tigris, and Euphrates) were actually the current day Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, and two rivers which now are dry riverbeds, which when flowing, during the Ice Age, flowed from Persia (the proposed Gihon), and from Arabia (the proposed Pison), to merge where the Tigris and Euphrates merge, now beneath the Persian Gulf, but the Bible says the rivers flowed out of the Garden of Eden, not into it, as these documentarians propose, so their notion is unbiblical, when the Deluge of Noah necessitates that what remains of Eden is now beneath thousands of feet of flood sediments which became rock.

And the producers insist that the Epic of Gilgamesh, written in ancient sumerian cuneiform, predated the Genesis account by many centuries, describing a global flood too, although they deny that the sumerian account like the biblical account clearly describes a global (not regional) catastrophy of biblical proportions; certainly not what mainstream scientists are readily willing to admit, but which the evidence clearly corroborates, as explained in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, while they deny that the Genesis account is the truly accurate account, actually recorded by eyewitnesses (except the six days of creation), also on cuneiform tablets, explained in article #13 at


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