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Back in 1858, christian naturalist Antonio Snyder Pellegrini made famous the theory that Africa and South America were once fit together, and North America to Europe too, when there was one great supercontinent, later dubbed Pangea, which separated into the continental configurations which we see today.  Pellegrini said correctly that the separation of the supercontinent caused Noah’s Flood, born-out by much scientific data, as laid-out in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, but geologist Alfred Wegener, who in the next century piggy-backed on Pellegrini’s notion of continental separation, proposed his theory of plate tectonics, but incorporated it into the darwinian timeline, eschewing Pellegrini’s notion that rapid plate tectonics, during Noah’s Flood, is actually that which is revealed in the geologic record.

When you understand that the crust of the earth’s thickness is like the skin on an apple, and that when Noah’s Flood was ending, the mountains were uplifting, as the ocean basins were deepening, you can see the geological plausibility of the Flood linked to plate tectonics, but rapid plate tectonics, not what Wegener proposed, which was very slow continental drift over millions of years, not what the geologic record indicates as explained in the free ebook download of my book, and perhaps not what Sir Francis Bacon had also noted back in the 1600’s, that the continents seemed to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, evidently having rapidly separated as sediments entombed billions of creatures, 99% of which were marine, in vast thick layers stacked on the continents, Noah’s Flood.

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