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John Meacham of Newsweek says Christianity is on the decline in America, now down to 75%, with 10% more-than-before now saying they’re unaffiliated with any religion, which Meacham implies is because these now unaffiliated folks, many of them living in the Northeast, have decided the Bible is mostly superstition and plain ol’ bad history, just like mainstream science dogmatically proclaims, suggesting that secular education and science are winning out over Christianity, with the book of Genesis indicating that the earth and universe are about 6,000 years old, having been created in six days, anathema to the dictates of the specious darwinian scheme, requiring hundreds of millions of years, to purport that primordial goo morphed into you.

But Gallup polls say over 50% of Americans believe the biblical account of origins, as written in Genesis, despite what they’re taught in the public schools, because the Bible holds up under intellectual scrutiny, even on a scientific level, as the Global Flood Model answers many questions which dogmatic mainstream scientific doctrine cannot, for instance:

Mainstream scientists can’t explain how billions of creatures (99% of them marine) ended up in vast thick sedimentary layers up on the continents, many in rock layers high in the mountains.

Mainstream scientists can’t explain the cause of the Ice Age, because they won’t admit that only paradoxically warmer oceans could have been the engine to produce (by evaporation) all that cloudcover for the Ice Age; the warmer oceans by the “fountains of the deep.”

Mainstream scientists can’t explain the presence of bronze age megalithic and brick ruins of cities now on the shallow seafloor in many parts of the world, because they say the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., while this evidence indicates a much later date, actually at the time of the Exodus.

Mainstream scientists still think the length of the ancient egyptian royal cubit (20.632 inches) was established by measuring the distance from some pharaoh’s elbow to fingertip, when in reality, the royal cubit length is a subdivision of the radius length of the earth (see article #2 at, facilitated obviously by God’s intelligent design of the earth and universe.

Mainstream (darwinistic) scientists won’t tell you that species is actually a meaningless term, because members of differing species can interbreed to produce offspring, demonstrating that the generic term syngameon is apropos when discussing the gene pool limits of kinds of animals, in line with the biblical account.

But do Meacham or rabid atheists Christopher Hitchens or Bill Maher address these issues which confound mainstream science, however which are nicely answered with the biblical intelligent design creationist global flood model?  Why of course they don’t, because mainstream scientists, out in front for these left wing journalists, can’t cogently address these issues with their seriously flawed model, put to shame by the answers provided with the biblical model, so I hope these guys interview or debate me, it would be fun, and they can even bring along their scientists.

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