Hostage U. S. Flag Ship American Crew SS Maersk Alabama Overpowers Captures Muslim Somali Three Pirates Thrown Overboard Off Ship Cast into the Sea African Islamic Indian Ocean Piracy United States Response Precedent Islamic Barbary Pirates Kidnapping Ransom Nations Paid Tribute Money to Jihadi International High Seas Terrorism Somalia Pirates Overpowered Subdued by American Crewmen of Ship Maersk Alabama off Somali Coast

The muslim pirates who captured the SS Maersk Alabama in the Indian Ocean, off Somalia, have been subdued by the american crew of that american flagged ship, the crew having thrown three feckless pirates overboard, retaining one pirate for the authorities; good show boys, we’re proud of you, but I bet those islamic pirates weren’t expecting that, however, maybe they just wanted to go to muslim heaven, and so, once the resistance by the crew began, more or less jumped off themselves, we’ll get the full story later.

We had problems like this back in the early 1800’s with the Barbary Coast pirates of north Africa, based in Tripoli, who took ships and held the crews for ransom, just as the muslim pirates operate today in the Indian Ocean.  Well, the U.S. dispatched warships to the region, and that islamic piracy problem in the Mediterranean was handled, just as U.S. warships will be deployed to the Indian Ocean, with onshore strikes too, in order that the maritme branch of global islamic jihad be destroyed, the global jihad which battles against free speech and religion, anathema and punishable by death in muslim nations. 

The arab maritime tradition goes way back to the time of ancient Canaan, Egypt, and Babylon, ancient cultures which measured the earth by its wobble rate, at 72 years/degree, as explained in article #2 at, the ingenius methodology which institutionalized precession mapping numbers such as 360, the number of mapping degrees, which just happens to have been the number of pre-islamic arab gods worshipped in the Middle East for millennia, before Muhammed’s arrival on the scene.

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