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When analyzing ancient history in bronze age times, what really stands out is the mass migration of many people groups, beginning in the 1400 B.C. timeframe, because of catastrophic climate change, as before the climate change, bronze age cities such as Nippur, Ubar, Harappa, Yam, Ebla, and Jiroft, thrived in what would become deserts, left in arid desolation because of the serious decline of ranifall which began circa 1500 B.C., the catastrophic result which is described eloquently in the ancient egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus, written in the 1400 B.C. timeframe., the same frame as the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt to Canaan, when also the Aryans migrated south into India, and the “mysterious” Sea People began their invasions of the eastern Mediterranean from the west, from the region of Atlantis (centered in the Gibraltar region of Atlas).

The hundreds of submerged (often megalithic) bronze age ruins in various parts of the world (including in the Gibraltar region), now on the shallow seafloor on submerged coastlines, attest to the Atlantis story, that this bronze age civilization was devastated too by the catastrophic climate change which ended the bronze age, when sea level rose, as the climate dried out, that was the end of the Ice Age, it’s quite obvious for all to see, except mainstream scientists, who insist that the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., which is about 8,500 years too early, according to all this evidence, which is why they refuse to entertain the notion that 1500 B.C. was actually the time when the Ice Age ended, rendering Plato’s Atlantis story historically factual, except his date, circa 9600 B.C., which just happens to be in line with the mainstreamers’ date for the end of the Ice Age, the date which renders the rest of Plato’s story senseless.

If you look at satellite photos of the ancient paleo rivers and lakes (from the mainstreamers’ circa 10000 B.C. date), now under the desert sands of the Middle East and North Africa, often with bronze age ruins nearby (ruins in those same sands), you can see that the flowing of those artesian (rain-fed) streams was during the bronze age, circa 2000 B.C., not 10000 B.C., their date which must be an embarassment to them because of those 2000 B.C. vintage ruins which are now in vast deserts, the drying which evidently took place circa 1500 B.C.

As the Ice Age ended, volcanism, such as of Etna and Santorini in the Mediterranean, was on the uptick, even more than the rampant volcanism during the Ice Age, because of isostatic readjustment of continental crust as the overburden of the ice age ice-pack was alleviated with the end of the Ice Age, eruptions which no doubt played into the chaos at that time, as desribed in the Ipuwer Papyrus and the book of Exodus in the Bible, the disasters which befell the world because the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age had dissipated, because evaporation off the oceans had greatly curtailed, as the oceans had cooled by that time, about 900 years after the global Deluge, the Flood of Noah (Manu, Nuh, Deucalion, Utnapishtim, Nua, Ziasudra, Noe, etc.)

Only warmer oceans could have caused the Ice Age, just think about it, hydrology 101, which just happens to jibe with the Global Flood Model, but not with mainstream science, still is at-a-loss regarding what caused the Ice Age, just ask them, they won’t give you a good answer, as this obviously logical explanation jibes with the biblical account, and they can’t have that; but the Bible rings true despite their anemic protestations.

And they also won’t tell you how the ancients, during the Ice Age (circa 2000 B.C.), surveyed the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, and were able to navigate the vast oceans of the world (see Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings by Hapgood), but God’s intelligent design of the universe allowed such geometry, simply explained in article #2 at, so the Bible, as always, truly stands vindicated (not that the Word of God needs it), much to the chagrin of the dogmatists of mainstream science.

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