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Adventurer David Hatcher Childress has written a fabulous series of books about Lost Cities in various parts of the world, many of them now found under the shifting sands of the deserts in the middle latitudes (such as in the Middle East and the Sahara), long ago abandoned, because when those cities were built, they were in lush environments of much greater rainfall, feeding streams, lakes, forests, and fields, but when the climate changed circa 1500 B.C., the dessication of the middle latitudes began, as the ice age snowpack melted off the higher latitudes, because the dense cloudcover of the Ice Age had begun to greatly dissipate, when the sea level began to rise, consuming the coastal port facilities of the ice age world, such as of Atlantis and ancient Greece, with those ruins now found on the shallow seafloor off Spain, Greece, and at many other locations (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins).  

The climate change and sea level rise is acknowledged by Childress, but he and mainstream scientists say that the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., so the phenomena of the bronze age submerged ruins and those now remaining in what had become deserts are an enigma to them, because of the timing of the end of the Ice Age, which (according to the evidence) actually ended circa 1500 B.C., in line with the Genesis timeline, and confirmed by that only paradoxically warmer oceans (because of the fountains of the deep for Noah’s Flood) could have been the engine for the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age, and that warmer ocean, having cooled within around 900 years after the Deluge, when mass migrations then such as the Exodus of the jews out of Egypt began.

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