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Movie director Roland Emmerich, in his epic fantasy, 10000 B.C., unknowingly has confirmed real archaeology, that elephants were domesticated during the Ice Age, and megalithic buildings were constructed, and men with iron weapons battled sabre-tooth cats, sailed in ships, seeking mineral riches around the globe, and battled competing tribes on land and sea, but Emmerich’s timeline is all wrong, as was Plato’s with his date of 9600 B.C. for the sea level rise with the end of the Ice Age which consumed the coastal ports of Atlantis, and Greece’s too, because the submerged megalithic and brick buildings’ ruins found submerged in many locations around the world (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins), including in the Gibraltar region and off the coasts of Greece, prove that the Ice Age actually ended (not coincidentally) at the same time that the Middle East and North Africa became deserts, as before 1500 B.C., those regions were lush with pastures and forests, by rainfed lakes and streams, teaming with diverse wildlife, proven by archaeo-biology, yet in contradiction of the mainstream scientific fantasy that the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C.

Plato’s account about Atlantis, in the Gibraltar region, reads much like Emmerich’s screenplay; ice age elephants living and working with man, which is corroborated by pre-Mayan artwork in Central America depicting elephants there, ice age animals, confirming that the ancients were navigating the globe during the Ice Age, being able to measure and thereby map the earth, really quite simply explained in article #2 at, in ships like those which Emmerich rightly depicts sailing during the Ice Age.  He’s so right in so many areas, almost only his timeline is wrong, if he’d get that cleared up, and would correctly show that the deserts of the world were lush with greenery during the Ice Age, then he would not have a fantasy epic on his hands, but truly an historical one.  Maybe Hollywood will get it right next time, but then, if they did, they would be corroborating Genesis history, and you know they can’t have that.  See

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