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Dave Ramsey cleverly proposed, on Fox and Friends this morning, that to alleviate America’s unemployment woes, Congress should enact legislation allowing employers a $20,000 tax credit for every new employee whom they take onboard during the next five years, which would cause 3 million new hires, for a mere 60 billion dollars, with new hires thereby coming mostly in the private sector, not more employees in the already bloated federal employ, which the porksters in the U.S. Congress, and Obama, are seeking.  So contact those folks in D.C., tell them that Ramsey’s way is a brilliant solution; simple, productive, and vastly less costly than what Rush Limbaugh calls the porkulus package, now being ramrodded through Congress by B. Hussein’s socialists.

And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com for real history.

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