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Darwinism is a theory, not a fact, and a bad theory at that, after all, who seriously thinks that swamp muck, through many intermediate forms, morphed into humans?  Does that really make sense?  Where is the evidence?  There is none; and creationists are happy to point this out to darwinists, on the rare occasions when they agree to debate creationists, rare because the likes of darwinsits Richard Dawkins and the now-deceased Stephen J. Gould decided that “to debate creationists is to provide oxygen to their movement by the publicity;” this publicity they have deemed undeserved because of the alleged bankruptcy of the creationists’ arguments.  But with Gallup’s poll results showing that over 50% of Americans believe the biblical account of ancient history, not the darwinists version, despite several generations of monopolistic darwinian indoctrination in the public schools, it’s obvious that information outlets such as this blogsite are having great effect on the public’s understanding of ancient history, and we are gaining ground all the time, so the darwinists would be well advised to start debating, since they think they have truth on their side.

Young earth creationist Kurt Wise studied with honors under Gould at Harvard, heard and read Gould’s best stuff, yet came out the other end a young earth creationist, obviously seeing serious flaws in Gould’s and the others’ hypotheses about swamp muck having ostensibly morphed into humans; Wise sees that natural selection has occurred, but only within syngameons, such as the cat syngameon, within which the lion, tiger, and leopard (which can interbreed) have naturally selected since the genetic bottleneck at Noah’s Flood, having naturally selected into the disparate ecozones of the then new post Deluge world.  That lions, tigers, and leopards, which are different species, can interbreed proves that species is a meaningless term for a genetically sensible systemization of the various types of animals; syngameons, interbreeding groups of types of animals, is the sensible system for genetic analysis, and there is no proof that lizards morphed into birds, for instance, so darwinism is destined for the junk heap of history, and I bet Richard Dawkins senses it, and this is the real reason he and the other darwinists avoid debates with young earth creationists.  See

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