Pastor Rick Warren Selected for Invocation at Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidential Inauguration 1/20/09 Saddleback Church Evangelical Christian Leader Rick Warren not Jeremiah Wright Picked to Ask God to Bless America Under Barack H. Obama Administration No Atheists in Foxholes President Elect Reaches Out for Conservative Protestant Support Asks Rick Warren to Lead Christian Ceremonies at Barack H. Obama Inaugural Proceedings Washington D. C.

December 18, 2008

Barack H. Obama is trying to reach out to the Republican base in requesting that Rick Warren (who has accepted) be the pastor to give the invocation at B. Hussein’s inauguration Jan. 20 in D. C.   Obama’s longtime pastor and mentor, Jeremiah Wright, could not have been the man for the job because he preaches that the Jews have no right to the Holy Land, in agreement with the Nation of Islam’s leader Louis Farrakhan, another Chicago powerplayer who is tight with islamic jihadists, seeking to destroy the nation of Israel, not the kind of guy you want on the podium with you if you seek the favor of evangelical Christians, Judaists, and other pro Israel groups, at the presidential inauguration come Jan. 20.

Obama’s entire political experience has been in support of the Islamists who seek to destroy Israel, being a good friend of Rashid Khalidi of the PLO, and surrounded by anti Israel political and military advisers, such as Robert Malley, Samantha Power, and Tony McPeak, so either Obama has had a real change of heart about Israel in selecting the conservative evangelical Warren, or he is just acting like most politicians do, behaving merely for political expedience, in this case, trying to fool the public that he supports Israel, as everybody knows Obama’s political base is with those of Jeremiah Wright’s ilk.

There are rumblings that behind the scenes, U. S. negotiators are working for a divided Jerusalem, to be shared with the “Palestinians,” who seek the expulsion and destruction of the Jews in the Holy Land, great neighbors, eh?  And if these negotiations continue, threatening the existence of Israel, America effectively becomes an enemy of Israel, and thereby, an enemy of God, because in the Bible God says “I will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who don’t.”  So Obama has been on the wrong side of the fence for many years on this issue, but perhaps, he really has had a change of heart, which will certainly bring the ire of his anti Israel political base.

And lest you think the book of Genesis is nonsense, and so, none of the rest of the Bible is to be trusted, checkout the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and to see new compelling evidence of the intelligent design of the universe, which enabled the ancients to accurately measure and map the earth, during the Ice Age in reality, checkout the surprising simple explanation in article #2 at

Biblical Ice Age Caused by Fountains of the Deep Noah’s Flood Runaway Plate Tectonics Genesis History Ice Age Table of Nations Genesis 10 Tribe Migrations Ice Age Conditions Bronze Age Genesis History When Why How Did the Ice Age Pleistocene End and What Caused Cessation of Ice Age?

December 17, 2008

How does the Ice Age fit into biblical history?  It fits very nicely, since the fountains of the deep of Noah’s Flood, which caused a much warmer-than-today ocean in the Flood’s aftermath, is the only way one can explain the cause of the Ice Age, afterall, greater evaporation is needed for the dense cloudcover for an Ice Age, and geothermally heated ocean water at that, because global warming of the ocean’s surface would cause more evaporation for more clouds, but those clouds would cool any global warming back down, a negative feedback mechanism, so the Ice Age, necessarily, was caused by geothermally heated ocean water, obviously from Noah’s Flood (see the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!)

And this Ice Age in the 2300 B.C. until 1500 B.C. timeframe is corroborated by hundreds of bronze age megalithic ruins which were submerged when the Ice Age ended (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins), and by the fact that there was a huge drying to desert in the middle latitudes, beginning circa 1500 B.C., which now leaves ruins of sophisticated bronze age cities in the middle of seas of desert sand, cities obvioulsy built during the Ice Age, when it rained much more in the Middle East, Egypt, and other middle latitude regions, while the ice age snowfall in the extreme latitudes and high elevations raged on from that dense cloudcover caused by the warmer ocean after Noah’s Flood.

To see how the ancients measured the earth by the rate of the earth’s wobble, refer to article #2 at, as they surveyed the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza by this method, during the Ice Age, circa 2200 B.C., when Egypt received perhaps 40 inches of rain per year, where now, only a few inches fall annually, because the oceans are cooler today than they were back then.

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President George W. Bush Says Bible Probably not True Inerrant Word of God on ABC’s Nightline Interview Bush Says Implies Darwinian Evolution is Fact Disbelieves Genesis Veracity George W. Bush Says God Sent a not the Son Jesus Christ Said Noah’s Flood was Real Historical Event in Ancient World

December 12, 2008

Lameduck President George W. Bush said on ABC’s Nightline earlier this week that the Bible is probably not all true.  Bush stated that (darwinian) evolution is fact, which contradicts the Genesis account, so this rules out the possibility that Bush thinks Noah’s Flood is true, the Flood which was followed by natural selection within the biblical kinds (syngameons) of animals who came off Noah’s Ark, about 20,000 syngameons of animals, which became (through natural selection) the millions of “species” of those respective gene pools, the human kind being one syngameon.

So this renders the “races” of humanity synonymous with species in the darwinists’ scheme, demonstrating the danger which darwinism poses to society (manifested with the Third Reich), as races should rightly be called species (in the darwinists’ scheme) in their pursuit of intellectual consistency, because (for instance) lions, tigers, and leopards, which can interbreed, are still called separate species (obviously making the term species meaningless).  The biological term syngameons of animals has explanatory value, but the term species has zero meaning in the real world of analytic biology, so whose model is really good science?

In implying that Noah’s Flood as described in Genesis is not real history, Bush is calling Jesus a liar, because He alluded to the Flood as real history in His teachings of the New Testament, never hinting, like Bush, that the global flood event, as described in the Bible, actually didn’t happen, so this is the dilemma facing Christians who deny that Genesis history is an accurate accounting of the early history of the earth and universe, they call Jesus a liar in so doing, and after all, how do you tell a kid who reads Genesis that it’s really not true?  Is that the way you build one’s faith?  And since Bush also said that God sent “a” son (implying that Jesus is not the only begotten of the Father), not the Son, I wonder how much of the Bible Bush really believes at all?  Perhaps he just misspoke.  See the big picture here

Plastic Mantle Flow Plate Tectonics Subduction Slabs Pillow Basalts of Global Flood Model Geologic Theory for Deluge of Noah Runaway Plate Tectonic Uplift Mantle Horizontal Displacement Continental Uplift with Deepening Congealing Basalt Ocean Bottom

December 12, 2008

Maintream scientists jeer at the notion that Noah’s Flood once covered the whole earth, because they say the Flood must have covered high mountains such as the Himalayas, impossible, which is true, but the dynamics of the runaway plate tectonics during the Flood year, evidenced in the geology, enabled the waters of the Flood to cover what was the low elevation preflood landmass, Pangea, which was spreading apart duirng the Flood to form the continental configuration of the landmasses which we see today, and due to the runaway plate tectonics during the Flood year, the midoceanic rift zones (“the fountains of the deep”) produced lava (along with water) which became new ocean bottom, which when cooled and congealed, sank down into the mantle, pushing the plastic mantle material horizontally, to push under the continental crust, pushing it upward.

The sediments which were piled on the continents in the Deluge water were then folded by tectonic activity into mountain ranges, with no tension cracks in the folded layers, proving that they were still wet and soft when they were contorted, evidence for the Deluge, the Global Flood Model.  The mountains rose at the close of the Flood year, with some of the mountains and ridges being pillow basalts, extruded into water, the water of the Deluge, as at the close of the Flood, the water slid off the thickening and rising continents into the then deepening oceans basins.  Read more about it in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!  And please be certain to see also

Greek Flood Legend of Ogyges Plato’s Atlantis Sea Level Rise Ice Age End Climate Global Warming Catastrophe Termination of Bronze Age Trade Routes Triumph of the Sea Gods Author Steven Sora Unconsciously Corroborating Genesis Account Deucalion Noah Manu Global Cataclysm Warmer Ocean Temperatures from Fountains of the Deep Caused Ice Age Legends of Sea Level Rise

December 11, 2008

An interesting book out now called Triumph of the Sea Gods, by Steven Sora, rightly posits that the submerged ruins of bronze age cities found in many parts of the world are testimony to a huge sea level rise during the bronze age (engulfing 25 million square miles of land worldwide), and he correctly reports that Atlas, Chronos, the Pelasgians, Ogyges, and Posidon were real people, ancient mariners whose cities’ ruins are now submerged on the shallow seafloor, so really all he has wrong is the date, circa 3000 B.C., as agreed by famous british diver and author Nic Flemming, when in reality, the date for the dramatic sea level rise was at the time of Ogyges, who was a king on mainland Greece, much of whose land was consumed by the sea at that time, circa 1500 B.C., when the world ocean rose to infill the Old Black Sea inland lake as well, at the time of Dardanus, circa 1400 B.C., so you see, the history fits the Ice Age having ended circa 1500 B.C., when hundreds of bronze age cities worldwide were consumed by the sea, and the climate dried out, causing the deserts of the world, because the world ocean had cooled during the 900 years or so since Noah’s (Deucalion’s, Manu’s) Flood, which caused the heated ocean for the evaporation necessary to form the dense expansive cloudcover of the Ice Age.  That’s hydrology 101.

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Sudden Rapid Abrupt Termination End of Ice Age Evidence Bronze Age Legends Exodus of the Jews from Egypt Ipuwer Papyrus Rig Veda Harvey Weiss Yale Archaeology Archaic Megalithic Building Culture Waned with Rapid Drying of Middle East North Africa Indus Middle Latitude Desertification Global Warming Ocean Temperature Factor Variable Dictates Veracity Biblical Truth of Genesis Global Flood Model

December 10, 2008

What caused the Ice Age?  Creation scientists know, but mainstream scientists don’t have a clue about it, as they even say that the climate was colder during the Ice Age, colder winters, less warm summers, which is actually half right; the summers were less warm, because of the greater global cloudcover during the Ice Age, which obviously also caused warmer winters, with the vast dense cloudcover having insulated the lower atmosphere.  And with that dense cloudcover, the source for the intense snowfall of the Ice Age was provided, according to hydrology 101, the clouds formed by evaporation off the ocean, the greater cloudcover of the Ice Age therefore from greater evaporation off a paradoxically warmer ocean, what the mainstream scientists don’t want to admit because the geothermally heated ocean which caused the Ice Age was by the “fountains of the deep” of Noah’s Flood.

Geothermally heated ocean water is the only way you can explain the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age, it is hydrology 101, afterall, with colder atmospheric temperatures, said by the mainstreamers to have been enforce during the Ice Age, that would have cooled the ocean surface, for less, not more, evaporation off it to form the greater cloudcover for the Ice Age, so mainstream science is obviously way off base with this, their best guess for the cause of the Ice Age, so this needs to be corrected, because the answer is obvious (and embarrassing to the mainstreamers), if you take the time to consider the hydrologic cycle vis-a-vis the requirements for the Ice Age.  Tell your professors, and refer to the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!, to see that the Global Flood Model very well suits the geologic evidence.

And when you consider the ancient histories about the ocean inundation of bronze age kingdoms such as Rama and Kumari Kandam of  India, and vast tracts of bronze age Greece (900 years not 9,000 years before Solon’s time), as related by Plato, also known as the flood of Ogyges’ time, the ruins of which are now found on the shallow seafloor, inundated when the Ice Age ended, the evidence is actually overwhelming that the Ice Age ended circa 1500 B.C., when the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt occurred, the climate change disasters of that time chronicled in the egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus, written in that timeframe, and confirmed by Yale archaeologist Harvey Weiss that a drastic climate change ended the so-called bronze age, at which point, the mass migrations known to have occurred, by land and sea, began in earnest, because the warmer ocean after Noah’s Flood had cooled to about today’s temperatures by that time.

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Flooded Bronze Ice Age Kingdoms Eastern Atlantic Mediterranean Sea Level Rise Plato’s Dialogues Critias and Timaeus Atlantis Athens Underwater Megaliths of Pelasgians End of “Pleistocene” Flooding of Coastal Lowlands Climate Change Sea Level Rise Plato Timeframe of Erysichthon Erechtheus Cecrops Erechtonius Bronze Age Greek Kings Time of Atlantis Submergence 1500 B. C. Matching Biblical Genesis Timeline Ice Age Hydrology Snowfall Causation

December 10, 2008

Plato’s story about Atlantis, world famous, and called fictitious by mainstream scientists, includes the report that not only did Atlantis become inundated by the ocean, but so too did much of ancient Greece, with Plato writing that the islands of Greece in the Aegean are mountain-tops of lost lands which were consumed by the sea at the same time that the atlantean empire of the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic went under; clearly a global sea level rise, at the time of the bronze age greek kings Erichtonius, Cecrops, Erysichthon, and Erectheus, as reported by Plato, so his rendering that this was 9,000 years before Solon’s time rings hollow, but 9,000 lunar cycles before Solon’s time puts the catastrophic sea level rise in the bronze age, corroborating the other information too in Plato’s account that the warfare between Atlantis and Athens was with trireme ships and metal weapons, between city states which built megalithic cities, many ruins of which are now on the shallow seafloor in many locations, off Greece, as well as, off Spain and Morocco, in the vicinity of the Atlas Mountains, of the atlantean empire.

From ancient literature and legend, it is known that the Pelasgians (of Peleg) were the earliest settlers of Greece, along with the progeny of Javan (Iawan), from whom the name Ionian derives, but their cities have never been discovered, because the ruins of them are now submerged on the shallow seafloor off Platygiali, Astakos, Abdera, Elaphonisos, and many other locations off the greek mainland and islands, submerged circa 1500 B. C. (the flood of Ogyges’ time), in the time of those known bronze age kings recited in Plato’s story about Atlantis, actually fitting the biblical timeline, as the sea level rose and the climate dried out in that timeframe, when the Exodus occurred, along with many other mass migrations of people groups as the climate drastically changed, turning North Africa, including Egypt, and the Middle East into the deserts which they have been ever since.

And to learn how those ancients measured and mapped the earth by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, demonstrably embodied in the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza, then be sure to checkout article #2 at, and to see that the Ice Age could have been caused by only paradoxically warmer oceans, geothermally heated by necessity, then read the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!, refering specifically to chapter 11.

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