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What caused the Ice Age?  Creation scientists know, but mainstream scientists don’t have a clue about it, as they even say that the climate was colder during the Ice Age, colder winters, less warm summers, which is actually half right; the summers were less warm, because of the greater global cloudcover during the Ice Age, which obviously also caused warmer winters, with the vast dense cloudcover having insulated the lower atmosphere.  And with that dense cloudcover, the source for the intense snowfall of the Ice Age was provided, according to hydrology 101, the clouds formed by evaporation off the ocean, the greater cloudcover of the Ice Age therefore from greater evaporation off a paradoxically warmer ocean, what the mainstream scientists don’t want to admit because the geothermally heated ocean which caused the Ice Age was by the “fountains of the deep” of Noah’s Flood.

Geothermally heated ocean water is the only way you can explain the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age, it is hydrology 101, afterall, with colder atmospheric temperatures, said by the mainstreamers to have been enforce during the Ice Age, that would have cooled the ocean surface, for less, not more, evaporation off it to form the greater cloudcover for the Ice Age, so mainstream science is obviously way off base with this, their best guess for the cause of the Ice Age, so this needs to be corrected, because the answer is obvious (and embarrassing to the mainstreamers), if you take the time to consider the hydrologic cycle vis-a-vis the requirements for the Ice Age.  Tell your professors, and refer to the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!, to see that the Global Flood Model very well suits the geologic evidence.

And when you consider the ancient histories about the ocean inundation of bronze age kingdoms such as Rama and Kumari Kandam of  India, and vast tracts of bronze age Greece (900 years not 9,000 years before Solon’s time), as related by Plato, also known as the flood of Ogyges’ time, the ruins of which are now found on the shallow seafloor, inundated when the Ice Age ended, the evidence is actually overwhelming that the Ice Age ended circa 1500 B.C., when the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt occurred, the climate change disasters of that time chronicled in the egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus, written in that timeframe, and confirmed by Yale archaeologist Harvey Weiss that a drastic climate change ended the so-called bronze age, at which point, the mass migrations known to have occurred, by land and sea, began in earnest, because the warmer ocean after Noah’s Flood had cooled to about today’s temperatures by that time.

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