Flooded Bronze Ice Age Kingdoms Eastern Atlantic Mediterranean Sea Level Rise Plato’s Dialogues Critias and Timaeus Atlantis Athens Underwater Megaliths of Pelasgians End of “Pleistocene” Flooding of Coastal Lowlands Climate Change Sea Level Rise Plato Timeframe of Erysichthon Erechtheus Cecrops Erechtonius Bronze Age Greek Kings Time of Atlantis Submergence 1500 B. C. Matching Biblical Genesis Timeline Ice Age Hydrology Snowfall Causation

Plato’s story about Atlantis, world famous, and called fictitious by mainstream scientists, includes the report that not only did Atlantis become inundated by the ocean, but so too did much of ancient Greece, with Plato writing that the islands of Greece in the Aegean are mountain-tops of lost lands which were consumed by the sea at the same time that the atlantean empire of the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic went under; clearly a global sea level rise, at the time of the bronze age greek kings Erichtonius, Cecrops, Erysichthon, and Erectheus, as reported by Plato, so his rendering that this was 9,000 years before Solon’s time rings hollow, but 9,000 lunar cycles before Solon’s time puts the catastrophic sea level rise in the bronze age, corroborating the other information too in Plato’s account that the warfare between Atlantis and Athens was with trireme ships and metal weapons, between city states which built megalithic cities, many ruins of which are now on the shallow seafloor in many locations, off Greece, as well as, off Spain and Morocco, in the vicinity of the Atlas Mountains, of the atlantean empire.

From ancient literature and legend, it is known that the Pelasgians (of Peleg) were the earliest settlers of Greece, along with the progeny of Javan (Iawan), from whom the name Ionian derives, but their cities have never been discovered, because the ruins of them are now submerged on the shallow seafloor off Platygiali, Astakos, Abdera, Elaphonisos, and many other locations off the greek mainland and islands, submerged circa 1500 B. C. (the flood of Ogyges’ time), in the time of those known bronze age kings recited in Plato’s story about Atlantis, actually fitting the biblical timeline, as the sea level rose and the climate dried out in that timeframe, when the Exodus occurred, along with many other mass migrations of people groups as the climate drastically changed, turning North Africa, including Egypt, and the Middle East into the deserts which they have been ever since.

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