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In the book of Revelation, chapter 21, verses 16-17, the New Jerusalem is prophecied, a huge square temple, 12,000 stadia per side, the walls with a thickness of 144 cubits, precession numbers, base six denominated, which fall out from the ancient mapping methodology described in article #2 at  The universality of this mapping method is revealed in that the stadia, and the royal cubit, are subdivisions of the radius length of the earth, with the stadia being 600 cubits, 1/10th of a modern nautical mile which, not coincidentally, is 1/5th of the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza, with its half nautical mile base perimeter length, proving that the ancients measured time, the rate of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree.

As it turns out, that heavenly New Jerusalem will be exactly ten times the dimensions of the ancient city Babylon, whose four outer walls were 1,200 stadia in length (120 nautical miles), so God does it bigger and better for sure, using the same units of measure as the archaic ice age civilizations who measured and mapped the earth by the methodology presented in the link.  And during the tribulation period, leading up to Armageddon, preceding Jesus Christ’s millenial reign on this earth, 144,000 christian Jews will evangelize the world, causing much distress to the Antichrist, whoever he will turn out to be, indicating that God uses the precession numbers in the design of the universe, as have the architects used it with the mapmakers of the ancient world.

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