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Bein Stein was a guest on Michael Medved’s radio show today, and  they discussed the recent article in U. S. News and World Report about Bobby Jindal, republican presidential prospect, the article stating essentially that Jindal must be a nut because he espouses intelligent design creationism as a viable explanation of origins, and so, could never become president, however, the darwinian notion that primordial goo morphed into you over hundreds of millions of years has no basis in observable science (as pointed out by Stein), but only in the pipe dreams of the darwinists, as they continue to foist this fraud as fact on the public, ignoring and lampooning the logical alternative, intelligent design creationism.

The rational and evidenced theoretical framework nicely comports with the observable evidence, such as that species of animals can breed with other species, as an example; lions, tigers, and leopards, which can interbreed, proving that the darwinian concept of species is meaningless, so that syngameons of animals is the much more accurate term of demarcation of gene pools in the animal kingdom, comporting with the Genesis notion of kinds of animals, about 20,000 of them which need have been on Noah’s Ark.

And lest you laugh at the global flood notion, which is corroborated by hundreds of ancient tribal legends, checkout the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!, to learn that the mountains rose at the close of the flood, as the continents were pushed upward by displaced mantle material from beneath the deepening ocean basins at the close of the flood year (because the new hot lava ocean bottoms were cooling and sinking into the mantle), this all because of the runaway plate tectonics of the flood year, probably precipitated by debris from the exploded planet between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars, about 4,400 years ago, mentioned by Rabbi Rashi in the Talmud.  See

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