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The Judaists’ Talmud, a collection of writings by rabbis, compiled in the centuries after the incarnation, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Emanuel (God with us), greatly maligns Christians, much as actually does the Muslims’ Koran and Hadith, in permitting the Judaist (like the Muslim) to lie, cheat, and steal, from unsuspecting Christians, with no judgment in store for those transgressors, because “Christians are like cattle,” and so, should be treated accordingly. 

Jesus, the Messiah, condemned the teaching by the Scribes and Pharisees, who had begun the anti Christ teachings of the Talmud, with its forerunner, the Mishnah having been the oral tradition taught by the rebellious rabbis at that time, but of course, the Holy Spirit has declared anathema any add-ons to the Bible after the book of Revelation, which includes the Catholic add-ons, as well as, the books of Islam and the Talmud of Judaism, all written centuries after Revelation, so the rantings of the judaistic rabbis and Islam’s Muhammed against Christianity are clearly of the antichrist spirit, and therefore, are no match against new testament Christianity in the marketplace of ideas, as all good students of the Bible and ancient history know, which is why Judaists and Muslims don’t like to debate biblical history with informed Christians.

Millions of Jews through the centuries have embraced Jesus as the Messiah, and the ranks of the believers in the jewish community are growing everyday in Israel, New York, LA, and elsewhere, as they realize that the Talmud contradicts the prophecies in the Old Testament, treating Jesus as a manifestation of Satan’s will, not rightly as Elohim’s will, the Elohim, three, the triune God, who is the Father, and his Spirit (Who formed the earth and universe), and his Son, who was prophecied througout the Old Testament, with even the time of his crucifixion predicted in Daniel 9, so the judaistic rabbis are without excuse, yet they malign the followers of the Messiah in their talmudic writings, writings which are absurdly said to be more important than the Old Testament, and which state that the miracles of Jesus were by the power of Satan.

It’s ironic therefore that Israel’s greatest (and almost only) friends are evangelical Christians, the very people whom the rabbis say can be cheated and lied to by Judaists to achieve their goals, not very charitable for sure, and eerily reminiscent of the outrageous islamic teachings against Christians in the Koran and Hadith, both groups never wanting to debate the issues, just hiding behind their fear of intellectual honesty in discussing the historical merits of the respective faiths.  Christians only seek a platform for discussion, while the Judaists and Muslims are encouraged to cheat, steal from, and even kill, Christians who merely want to share ideas. 

And if you ever doubted that there is great purpose in the clearly intelligent design of the earth and universe, then checkout article #2 at, to see the origin of the length of the ancient egyptian, and hebrew, royal cubit, by the measurement of the wobble rate of the earth’s axis.

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