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Did you know that a clock ticks a bit faster on Mt. Everest than it does at sea level?  It’s true, because of gravitational time dilation, the same principle because of which the distant stars are not billions of years old, but rather, only thousands, as the Bible reports.  When matter expanded out at the begininning of creation, the stars coalesced, sending out light, but actually at accelerated velocities, because of gravitational time dilation, and then, when the matter had fully spread, the speed of light normalized, so that the distant stars need not be billions of years old, but actually, are only thousands, because it did not take billions of years for the light from the stars to get to us, because the speed of light was accelerated while the matter was expanding out, what the mainstream scientists call the Big Bang, but which they fail to acknowledge must have had this gravitational time dilation in play at the time, according to the astrophysics.

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