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Mainstream archaeological sciencists are faced with two enigmas which render their classic darwinian timeline for ancient cultural development senseless, the first being the presence of hundreds of clearly bronze age megalithic structures now found on the seafloor, clearly inundated however by the end of the Ice Age’s sea level rise, which the mainstream archaeologists insist occured about 7,000 years before the “bronze age” began, leaving their timeline for ancient history with an obviously gaping hole in it.  And the second enigma is the cause of the Ice Age, which when analyzed, according to simple hydrology, must have been by paradoxically warmer oceans, because after all, how else would the dense global cloudcover for the Ice Age have formed if not by much greater evaporation (forming clouds) off the oceans?

The Mediterranean Sea is home to the megalithic ruins of many submerged Ice Age cities, the Ice Age which actually ended circa 1500 B. C., now submerged ruins of Heraklion and Menouthis for instance, on the shallow seafloor now several miles from shore off Alexandria, Egypt, and off Lebanon and Israel, the now submerged ruins of old Byblos, Yarmuta, Sidon, Tyre, Atlit, and Akko, with many submerged sites off the Greek Isles, such as off Elaphonisos and Samothrace, and off Morocco, Italy, Libya, and Spain too, perhaps 200 sites in all, submerged when the Ice Age ended, which obviously could not have been at circa 10000 B.C. (as the mainstreamers opine), because such megalithic building did not begin until circa 2500 B. C., as even the mainstream archaologists have rightly been saying for centuries.

So their timeline is way off, and the carbon 14 dates from Ice Age times are greatly exaggerated because of carbon 12 dilution (by carbon dioxide from extensive volcanism) of the carbon 14 in the atmosphere back then, causing exaggeratedly old dates for carbon remains from the farming and hunting by the ancients of the bronze age, which also was the Ice Age, when it was much rainier in the MIddle East and Sahara, and the other now desert regions of the world, deserts where ancient ruins are found from the time when those regions were green pasturelands and forests, circa 2000 B. C. 

And mainstream geologists are beginning to understand that the sedimentary layers of rock on the continents got there by the ocean having covered the continents, and the evidence indicates the mountains rose at the close of that total inundation of Pangea (which then spread to the continents’ current configuration on the globe), so then, with these realizaions coming to light, the Deluge of Noah’s time was obviously the cause of the geology which we see, as well as, the warmer ocean (by the fountains of the deep of Noah’s Flood) which could have only been the cause of the much greater evaporation rates to have caused the dense global cloudcover for the Ice Age, when the ancients builit the Great Pyramid of Giza, the dimensions of which were calculated by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, the method which allowed them to map and navigate the globe (see article #2 at  And for a great overview see here

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