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Have you ever heard a christian preacher speak of Noah’s Flood as an historical fact while stating scientific reasons to believe that it happened just as the book of Genesis says?  Most preachers will say that the hebrew patriarch Abraham was an historical figure who lived circa 2000 B.C., but just ten generations before him, as the Bible states, was Noah, of the generation which experienced the Deluge, the Flood which covered the whole earth, yet preachers, if they talk about the Deluge at all, talk about the spiritual lessons to be learned from the biblical account of the catastrophe, without giving good scientific reasons to believe that it happened as the Bible says, because after all, most in the pews, who have been reared in darwinian dogma, doubt the event ever took place, so the preachers run scared because of this, not wanting to appear foolishly ignorant before their flocks.

It’s a pity, because there are many great reasons to believe the Genesis account of the Deluge, yet the preachers shy away from this topic for no good reason, other than that they fear being seen as a “knuckle dragging Neandertal” in discussing this key event in biblical history.  But a logical question from inquisitive Christians should be to these preachers is “well if Noah’s Flood is just allegory or merely symbolic of spiritual truths, then where in the Bible does real history begin, with Shem, Japheth, and Ham, or perhaps later, with Heber, or Terah, or his son Abraham?

If preachers don’t treat Genesis history as real history, then the Gospels fall apart, after all, if sin and death have been ongoing for millions of years, then that means Adam and Eve, who brought sin and death into the world with their disobedience, therefore must have lived millions of years ago, which cannot be rationalized at all after reading the Genesis account.  And unbelievers see this quagmire for the Genesis denying preachers, capitalizing on it, saying “well if Genesis is not true history, then why believe the rest of the Bible?”  Point well taken, and the pastors know it, yet stand with their contradictory position, shying away from problems which that position causes in the minds of the Bible skeptics.

But there are many great reasons to believe the Genesis account, even that it was written from eyewitness accounts (except of course the six days of creation), as demonstrated succinctly for you in article #13 at, and to see that the geological record beautifully comports with the account of Noah’s Flood, I hope you read the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!  And upon realizing this veracity of Genesis, please show the material to your pastors, to open their eyes, and start preaching all the Bible as fact, not just bits and pieces of it.

Even the ancient Egyptians utilized the purposeful design of the universe to survey the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Read about it at, to see that by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, they related time to distance, which enabled them to measure the earth, and calculate the dimensions of the Great Pyramid to be reduced embodiment of its dimensions.  Pastors take note, there is much great information which you are ignoring, to the detriment of Jesus’ instruction to be prepared to defend that which is written in the Bible.  So be sure to checkout, the science of the future, old school man.

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