American British Atheists Humanists Announce Bus Ad Campaign Slogans “Why Believe There is Probably No God” Christophobic Richard Dawkins Contributes to British Humanist Associations’ Actually Agnostic not Atheistic Ad Campaign in England and United States Don’t Worry be Good for Goodness’ Sake BHA and AHA Draw Attention to Biblical Genesis Veracity Issue Washington D. C. London Bus Advertisements by Humanists Atheists Backfire Causes Americans and British to Consider Eternal Ramifications of Belief Unbelief What Happens to People when They Die?

I guess the so-called atheistic humanists are feeling leftout during the Christmas season, so the British Humanist Association and the America Humanist Association are running ads on buses in jolly old London and Washington D. C., effectively saying it’s ok to not believe, just be happy, but with this ad campaign, it’s backfiring, causing millions of people to now consider their eternal fate, which will result in probably thousands coming to believe in Jesus Christ, the Word of God, which is the Bible, as “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us,” Emanuel, God with us.

The ad in Britain says “there is probably no God,” which is the atheists’ admission that they actually should call themselves agnostics, because they are correct that they cannot prove there is no God, rendering the atheist label intellectually dishonest, that there supposedly is no God, because they can’t prove it.  And the ad on the buses in D. C. asks “why believe in God?”  This is really an inane question, considering the claims of the Bible, the Bible which is demonstrably truth, as evidenced with the fulfilled prophecies, against all odds, as laid out in chapter 23 of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

Renowned christophobic british scientist Richard Dawkins, who thinks the earth, the life on it, and the design of the universe, were randomly formed, has donated to the british ad campaign by the British Humanist Association, agreeing with them that “there is probably no God,” so since they say probably, they are admitting there could be a God, and if they really look into the matter, they can see that all of the Bible is true, including the book of Genesis, the accounts in it, except the six days of creation, recorded by eyewitnesses, as explained in article #13 at, and regarding the obviously purposeful designed nature of the universe, checkout article #2 at, to see that the rate of the wobble of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree, is a clear example that this is not just happenstance, as this particular rate only could have allowed the ancients to accurately measure, navigate, and map, the earth, actually during the Ice Age, which began and then ended much later than the mainstream scientists would have as believe.

Checkout, it makes alot of sense you’ll see.

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