Lawyer David Allen Forsberg Team Obama Files Letter of Protest Threatens Legal Action Jews Against Obama Fairness Doctrine Fascism Internet Information Laws Claims Title V Broadcast Obscenity (Pornography) and Violence Barack Hussein Obama Seeks to Shutdown Internet Blogosphere Dissent Criticism Fact Finding which the Left Mainstream Media Neglects Ignores Free Press Speech Rights Threatened by Obama Attorney New York City

Internet attorney David Allen Forsberg of New York City is threatening legal action to shut down the Barack Hussein Obama criticizing at, claiming that dissent and criticism of Barack H. Obama is tantamount to pornography and violent obscenity, when in reality, all Jews against Obama has done is point out the information about Obama which the left wing mainsteam media has neglected to report, because they are in bed with Obama, with MSNBS’s Chirs Matthews going so far as to say “my job is to make the Obama presidency a success.” 

So now, with the internet and conservative talk radio essentially the only means to dissent against Obama, the left wingers in Congress are threatening to reinact the “Fairness” Doctrine, which really should be called the Unfairness Doctrine, because after all, who would decide what’s fair and what’s not, some Democrat bureaucrat?  This is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they established freedom of the press in the U. S. Constitution.

The internet law which Forsberg cites is geared to obscenity and violent threats, neither in which Jews against Obama engages, but if he wants to use that law, he should go after the Daily Kos and Huffington Post, which print some of the most vile slanders against conservatives such as George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Sarah Palin, which you could imagine. 

Obama doesn’t like criticism, so he seeks to shut down all outlets of dissent on the internet and talk radio, but the people know that the tv and print media are not to be trusted, so half of America goes to the internet and talk radio for news and analysis, and to discover the latest on Obama’s multidutinous scandals.  Keep up with the latest at these other excellent blogsites:

And stay in touch with your legislators about all this, and let them know about what Forsberg is attempting for the benefit of Team Obama, because free speech is one of our most cherished rights, on which Obama is casting his fascist jaundiced eye.

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