Rahm Emanuel (God with Us) Chief of Staff Drama for Barack Hussein Obama Policy Defense Existence of Israel in Jeopardy John P. McTernan’s Book “As America Has Done to Israel” Documents America’s Strength Linked to Israel’s Wellbeing Protection Barack H. Obama Friends in Islam Bent to Destroy Israel Rahm Emanuel Jewicidal Chief of Staff Turns Back on Holy Land Muslims Licking Their Chops at Prospect of Anti Israel Barack Obama Presidency

Rahm Emanuel has been designated to be Obama’s chief of staff, and the irony that Emanuel’s name means “God with us” (an old testament term for the then yet to incarnate Jesus Christ) is palpable in that Obama, with his support from Muslims worldwide (including through tens of millions of dollars of illegal internet campaign contributions), is beholding to these Muslims to continue the plight of Obama’s PLO pal Rashid Khalidi that Jerusalem be divided, to form a palestinian state, which will bring the wrath of God even more on America.

Israel is the apple of God’s eye, and he warns us not to harm Israel, but Obama’s policies will surely further jeopardize her very existence.  With the election of Obama, America has chosen to side with the PLO in the Middle East conflict, and this bodes very poorly for our future success as a nation.  We are “poking God in the eye” in not looking out for Israel’s safety, so watch the judgments fall on America if/when Obama begins to show his favoritism for the PLO, for their taking of half of Jerusalem, a grave mistake for America.

John P. McTernan has an excellent book called As America Has Done to Israel, in which he cites negative historic events which immediately followed the announcement of American policy favorable to the Palestinians against Israel, and now, with Obama set to take the reins, with his millions of muslim backers, who wildly celebrated on Nov. 4, look for more disasters to befall America, unless Obama performs an about-face, which is certainly not likely, considering Obama’s background, alliances, and allegiances.

And lest you think the Bible is nonsense, that purposeful intelligent design creationism is not scientific, then checkout article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, to see how the intelligent design of the universe enabled the ancients to measure the earth, and thereby, be able to navigate, when the great migrations of humans really kicked into gear after the Tower of Babel, actually during the Ice Age, the evidence for which you can read in article #2 at the link.  See too the new http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, great stuff!

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