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The key to understanding the ancient origin of geometry is in the meaning of the word itself, earth measure, so how did they measure the earth?  We are told the accurate measurement of the earth did not happen until the 1700’s with Harrison’s Chronometer, but that is certainly not true, as the ancients did in fact accurately measure the earth by measuring time, as we do today, with arc minutes and arc seconds in our nautical mile mapping and timekeeping system, but the ancients measured time by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, not by solar “transit” time, they by the much slower wobble rate.

The method used by the ancients is really quite simple, and the base six numbering of the method was carried down to today (60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours, etc.).  Learn how the ancients, in contradiction of modern archaeological thought, achieved accurate geometry, which means earth measure, according to the wobble rate of the earth’s axis (72 years/degree), in article #2 at, to understand the orign of our modern nautical mile mapping system.  This geometry was achieved during the Ice Age, which actually ended much later than popularly advertised (see catetory Catastrophic Climate Change), in comformity with the book of Genesis.

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