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Many Jews think that they don’t have to accept Jesus as their savior in order to go to heaven, yet Jesus says “no man (nor woman) comes to the Father but by me,” and the Jews know that Elohim is a triune God, for in the Torah, in Genesis, God said “let us make man in our image,” and God is called Emanuel in the Old Testament, Emanuel which means God with us, so the notion that the Messiah would be of God, “the annointed one,” is certainly not a strange concept to the Jews, as it is not to Gentiles, the way God planned it.

God told Abraham that by his seed, all the nations of the earth would be blessed, which could never be said of the jewish practioners of Judaism (which acknowledges only the Old Testament as holy writ) throughout history, as they have remained relatively very low in numbers through the centuries, and they don’t preach the Old Testament as the ultimate truth to the masses to any significant degree, nor throughout their history, so it’s quite obvious that God’s promise to Abraham has not, and cannot, be fulfilled (anytime soon anyway) through them, and since the Jews are expecting the Messiah to come (actually to return) soon, now preparing to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, it’s obvious that Christianity, the preaching of the Gospel as the fulfillment of the Old Testament, is the mechanism by which God is making reality of his promise to Abraham.

Judaists think that their way is the only way, yet they don’t evangelize, so does that make any sense?  They claim to have all the truth, yet they seem to ignore the prophecy to Abraham, but they are actually well aware of it, being great students of the Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament), so as they anticipate the almost certainly soon arrival of the Messiah, I guess they think Emanuel (Jesus) will do all the evangelizing, but in reality, 144,000 of the judaistic and atheistic Jews will become Christians during the tribulation period, and many Jews are doing great work for Jesus now, but while many Jews sit on the side lines, thinking that Judaism is the full truth of God’s plan for salvation, which is obviously not the case.

The Apostles of Jesus Christ were Jewish, who acknowledged Jesus as the fulfillment of the old testament messianic prophecies, and it’s estimated that perhaps 1/3rd of the population of Jerusalem became Christians in the decades after Christ’s resurrection, so Jews today who say that christian Jews are not really Jews are either ignorant or willfully deceptive, which is understandable since their pride keeps them from accepting the Messiah, but thousands of Jews come to Jesus every year, and Lord knows how many closet believers there have been through the centuries.

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