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Today on Morning Joe, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews didn’t want to talk about the fact that Rahm Emanuel is unable to answer whether or not he will become Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff.  Obama has offered him the job, but obviously without making sure Emanuel would actually take the job, so even if Emanuel ends up taking the job, everybody will still know that Obama dropped the ball on this, as Emanuel was left flustered yesterday when asked by the press if he was going to take the job, hemming and hawing, apparently never having discussed the possibility with Obama, and even if he has recently, that Team Obama said Emanuel was the new Chief of Staff was a huge mistake, and not having discussed this with Emanuel weeks ago also shows a lack of forethought on Obama’s part.

Chris Matthews, in not wanting to discuss this issue, saying “my job is to make this presidency a success,” once again reveals his extreme left wing political bent, and Joe Scarborough called him out on it, saying that their job is to report the news and analyze it, not to be blatant propaganda arms of the Democrat party, and then, Chris bowed his head in shame, and they went to a commercial break; it was a very short appearance for Chris, cut short by his monumental gaffe.

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