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The meaning of Hussein is “blessed” in arabic, but what of the names Baraka (Barack) and Obama?  The O in Obama means male or man, and ba means soul, and ma probably derives from ma/mother, the goddess of the sea (from which the term marine, and the african nation’s name Mauretania derive), so Obama seems to mean man’s soul from the sea (from where life was said to have come by some of the ancients).

The first name Baraka (the real african name) means soul double of the sun, with ba, the ancient egyptian for word for soul, and ra for the sun, and ka meaning soul double, so stringing it all together, I suppose B. Hussein’s full name means “blessed double of the soul of the sun from the sea mother,” and therewith, we see that his name is quite interesting, suggesting he is the offspring of the father sun and mother (ma) sea, a good name for a darwinian evolutionist for sure, who believe that some swamp goo got zapped for life to have formed, for which of course there is absolutely no evidence.

It’s interesting to note that the ancient hebrew name Barak means thunder, indicating that the Hebrews and Egyptians diverged on the name, as the a, in ka, is left off in the hebrew, Barak, not including any meaning that ka applies, a soul double of a cosmic force, which lends itself to the ancient Hebrews’ knowledge that humans were created by God, not by lightning or a sun burst causing swamp goo to morph into creatures.  And for some very compelling evidence corroborating the rendering of true history, recorded in Genesis, read through the excellent

And to learn how the ancient Egyptians measured the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza by the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, checkout article #2 at

See to put it all together.

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