Anabaptists Bishop Ron McRae and African Pastor “Kweli Shuhubia” Report to Citizen Wells that Barack Hussein Obama’s Kenyan Grandmother Sarah Said She Witnessed B. Hussein Obama’s Birth in Mombasa Kenya Records Sealed by Muslim Backed Raila Odinga Eminent Riots in Kisumu Kenyan Islamists Prepare for Jihadi Sharia Rampage Sarah Obama Grandmother of Duel Citizen Barry Soetoro Says Born in Kenya Hospital Government Records Under Lock and Key Military Protection Hawaii Birth Records Under Seal by Governor Linda Lingle Stonewalls Natural Born Citizen Investigation Nov. 3 Election Eve Updates

Anabaptist pastors Ron McRae and “Kweli Shuhubia” (which means true witness in swahili) have secured the testimony of Barack Obama’s grandmother, Sarah Obama, that she did in fact witness his birth in Mombasa, Kenya, back in 1961, which would disqualify Obama from being president, but we shall see what happens, hopefully McCain will win the election with ease, eliminating the possibility for controversy.  Go McCain/Palin!

Ron McRae wrote at letter to, explaining the circumstances of the interview with Sarah Obama, so check-it-out, and spread the word.  The pastor in Kenya, “Kweli Shuhubia,” is using that fake name for protection, as the Muslims in Kenya, who support Obama’s pal Raila Odinga (currently second in command in Kenya), are poised to riot and kill thousands of Christians, as they did when Odinga lost the election for the top job there.  We hope that will not occur in America, as black Americans come to realize the danger which an Obama presidency would pose for the United States.

Obama’s birth records in Kenya are being guarded by the military now, and Hawaii governor Linda Lingle has sealed Obama’s birth records in Hawaii, so the stonewalls are in place, but the truth will come out, it actually already is, as the actions of Team Obama in trying to protect this information from public consumption makes obvious the fraud which is now being attempted.

When Obama was caught in his muslim hadj outfit back in 2006, he was campaigning for Odinga, backed by islamic money, around a million bucks from friends of Obama, and milllions from Libya’s Mohammar Khaddafi, and when Odinga lost the election, his muslim backers went on a bloody rampage, burning homes and cars, killing 1,500 Christians, and displacing about half a million more, so let’s keep B. Hussein out of the White House, after all, he’s not even qualified to be a candidate.

Post Script:  It seems the whole birth certificate cover-up is apparently because of Obama’s real paternity, Frank Marshall Davis.

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