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Sarah Palin did her duty, but she was obviously once again the butt of ridicule (not so subtly) in last night’s SNL show.  She had to go on, if asked at all, to show her courage, going into the lion’s den, and the flaming liberal Obamans of the SNL writers and players predictably attacked Mrs. Palin and her family, with the Amy Poehler skit “She’s no Angel,” about rednecks with mullets in a rural bar being turned on by Poehler’s large pregnant belly, an obvious tacky allusion to Palin’s teenage daughter’s pregnancy in “redneck” Alaska.

Josh Brolin was one of “white trash” guys in the bar, looking like the Marlboro Man with a mullet, ogling the pregnant Poehler when she stands up from the table to reveal her huge pregnant belly.  The skit was mindless, having meaning only as a rip against Palin’s daughter, plainly evident to all who saw it.  Scoreboard Palin, for being there to witness their sorry performance up close and personal.  And I can assure you, they would not want to match wits with her on a level playing field, she was there to take one for Team McCain, and the mission was surely accomplished, showing grace in the face of SNL’s not so subtle attacks against her and McCain.

And Tina Fey, playing Sarah Palin, commenting on the McCain Obama debate, said that “Obama’s speaking is like an angel whispering in your ear, while McCain’s is like a dump truck unloading, McCain won the debate.”  I don’t quite know what to make of the line about Obama, pretty strange, sounds like a jungle fever reference, way to go SNL, you guys really think you’re pushing buttons, but it’s a little too obvious to work, throttle it back a bit, you’re as transparent as Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, your compadres at the company.

The rap number which Sarah “didn’t want to do,” performed by Poehler, was a black urban beat with hyped-up aggressive gunplay talk, against mooses, with the piece ending with Poehler moving right next to the Sarah and pumping her pistol hand out like she’s shooting, shooting, shooting, pretty aggressive I thought, rather rude and disrespectful, but that’s their game, against Republicans anyway, half their audience, who remember performances such as this not in a positive light, the SNL writers look very cheap.

Imagine the fun they could have had, if they were balanced, for instance with Barack Obama and ACORN, showing him giving the get-out-the-vote workers a pep talk as they head out to sign-up new voters, explaining to them who is fair game and who is not, “black drunks and out of state college students good, obviously republican white people bad.”  Or they could have done a sketch about William Ayers and Obama sitting around Ayers’ kitchen table rewriting Obama’s book manuscript which was rejected by the publishers, the book which ended up sounding like Ayers wrote it, with multiple nautical insider references in it, from Ayer’s merchant marine background, in depth use of terms and concepts by a navigator, which even the messiah lord Obama knows nothing about.  The post “Obama Fiction” from Oct. 18 on this topic explains it all, there’s much evidence that Ayers was the ghost writer of that book, apparently the brain behind Obama’s strategic rise to the U. S. Senate and beyond.

The perfect opening for last night’s show, although fairly obvious, would have been a takeoff on Chevy Chase’s “Landshark” classic, with Palin as the “Land-barracuda,” knocking outside Tina Fey’s dressing room door, muttering “Obama gram” after Tina Fey would ask “who is it?”  But ’tis a lost opportunity for SNL to have made some semblance of an attempt to be balanced, only in our dreams.

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