Republican David Myhal Files Suit in Ohio State Supreme Court for Database Crosschecking Information Fought by Jennifer Brunner ACORN Voter Fraud Robert Gleason Chairman Pennsylvania Republicans Challenge Electoral Balloting Fraud ACORN RICO Act FBI Organized Crime Probe U. S. Justice Department Patrick Fitzgerald Democrats Charge Voter Suppression of Hundreds of Thousands of Potentially Fraudulent Ballots Liberally Left Wing Mainstream Media Ignorance Protection of in the Tank for Barack Hussein Obama’s ACORN Criminal Attempted Theft of National Presidential Election

Republican Steve Myhal in Ohio has filed suit at the state supreme court to force Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to turnover the flagged-as-suspicious voter registrations, about 200,000 of them, the turnover which she has been fighting, to help Barack Hussein Obama try to steal the election.  The U. S. Supreme Court is apparently in the tank for Obama too, as they ruled Friday that Brunner’s refusal to turnover the 200,000 discrepant to the election captains in the counties of Ohio.  The Democrats have the audacity to say that the Republicans are creating voter suppression in demanding that the highly questionable ballots be checked, and disallowed when necessary, so the people of Ohio are rapidly figuring out that the Democrats are trying to steal this election, which will cost Obama and the Democrats dearly at the polls in Ohio on Nov. 4.

And the head of the Republican party in Pennsylvania, Robert Gleason, is sounding the alarm in that state, noting that the FBI and Justice Department (led by pitbull Patrick Fitzgerald) are investigating and prosecuting, and pointing out that ACORN now has hundreds of thousands of voter registrations in that system, yet to be checked against the motor vehicle and social security data basis, which the Democrats are fighting there too, trying to help B. Hussein win that state by theft as well, so Barack Obama and ACORN, for which he’s trained, funded, represented in court, and promoted in his speeches, and which he hired for this campaign, will be properly recognized to be the villain in all this, and the people will take it out on Team Obama at the polls in November.

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