Obama’s Muslim Arab Roots Heritage Kenya What Does Word Name Barack Mean in Hebrew Arabic Abbreviated Form of Muslim Arabic Term Word Name Etymology Baraka Ancient Egyptian Word Group Roots Derivation Evolution Sun Zodiac Worship Is Barack Hussein Obama an Arab Muslim Why Did the Old Gray Haired Lady at John McCain’s Campaign Rally Think Say Barack Hussein Obama is an Arab?

The gray-haired lady in the red t-shirt at John McCain’s rally the other day, who expressed her concern that Barack Hussein Obama is hiding that he’s actually an Arab, brings to mind some interesting things to consider, for instance, Obama’s grandfather in Kenya was named Hussein, he was a wealthy farmer, and Muslim, as was Obama’s father Barack, and the actual given name was Baraka, meaning “blessed one” in modern Islam, but rooted apparently from the language group of ancient Egypt, where ba meant soul, and ra meant sun, and ka meant soul double, so the ancient arabic name Baraka actually (according to its ancient etymology) means the sun’s soul double.  Barak (Barack) thereby can be said to really be an egyptian name, perhaps of the same language group as the Sabians of upper Mesopotamia circa 2000 B. C., who sojourned to Giza in Egypt once a year to worship the sun and the zodiac at the Great Pyramid, whose dimensions were calculated by the stars, explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

The hebrew word Barak means thunder or lightning, perhaps anciently shortened from the Ba-ra-ka which was obviously derived from the ancient egyptian sun worship of Atum Ra (Adam of the book of Genesis actually), so the Hebrews, worshipping the creator God of the Bible, saw that the fire of lightning was like the fire of the sun, and so, the name Baraka, meaning soul double of the sun, became Barak, meaning thunder of lightning, as the Jews general did not like to worship the sun.

Hussein was one of the early patriarchs of the islamic faith, and so, the name is revered in muslim circles, great things for Islam are expected from people named Hussien, so obviously, as his father was a Muslim, and his grandfather too, it was hoped that he would be a force for Islam, which apparently is coming to be, as his friendliness with islamists is well documented.  And Jeremiah Wright’s church teaches that black Muslims and Christians are actually spiritual brothers, which is anathema to clear biblical teachings, so you can see one of the reasons why B. Hussein selected that church to join, not to mention that it teaches radical marxist ideology.  Checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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