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I’m watching a rerun of SNL tonight, when Michael Phelps was on a month or two ago, and they are mocking Sarah Palin’s homeschooling for her kids, where she compares and contrasts specious darwinism with the demonstrably purposeful intelligent design creationist model, open intellectual inquiry, not closeted darwinian exclusivity, but in this sketch “Quiz Bowl,” where the homeschool kids battle the public high school kids in a test of wits, answering questions from the moderator, like “college bowl” or “high school bowl” on tv on Saturday of Sunday mornings, the Jasper kids are total idiots, answering questions in silly ways, such as answering angels and Jesus, when one of the Jasper kids answered the question “what are the basic components of the atom?”

At the end of the skit, the moderator of “Quiz Bowl” said state child protective custody was outside to take the kids, directly implying that Sarah Palin’s kids should be taken from her for comparing models about the origin of the earth and universe, and the origin and natural selection of the syngameons of animals, good analytic science, which the darwinists fear, otherwise they’d debate accomplished young earth creationists, but they don’t, which says alot for sure obvioulsy,  because they always lose, and they know it, a certainly inconvenient truth.

If you’d like to see good science supporting the concept that the earth and universe were purposefully designed by the Creator, checkout article #2 at, to see how the ancients measured the earth by the stars, not what you’ll learn in public school.  And to see many good scientific reasons to believe the historical account in the book of Genesis, then read the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, to see that Palin’s kids are considering good science, of which public school kids are sadly deprived by their darwinist masters.  And see

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