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The mocking liberals are having a field day with the new Sarah Palin “Palintologist” t-shirts, a play on words with paleontologist, one who studies the fossil record in the geologic strata, such as Dr. Sean D. Pitman at, who rebuts and refutes that which the darwinists claim, and so, is not considered a qualified scientist by those darwinists, when in reality, he’s very well qualified, and has an extremely compelling interpretation of the fossil geologic record, as you can see if you read through that really excellent link, which could lead many to believe that Sarah Palin is more of a paleontologist than are the expert darwinian scientists, whose model really makes no sense when you analyze it, particularly in comparison to an obviously superior model, which is detailed in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!  And if you’d like to see proof of purposeful intelligent design in the universe, then checkout article #2 at  See too

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