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Everybody knows that the warmer ocean surface temperatures in the late summertime cause hurricanes, providing the energy for those intense storms, and scientists at the National Atmospheric Research Center in Boulder, Colorado, led by Greg Holland, have embarked on a study of ocean surface temperatures to determine the effect of global warming on the hurricane formation process, but what they won’t factor into the equation, or at least haven’t to this point, is that any atmospheric temperature increase, which heats the ocean surface, to cause more evaporation for more clouds (for hurricane formation), is reversed by those clouds, a negative feedback mechanism, that is, when it gets cloudy, it gets cooler, with the clouds’ shielding of the lower atmosphere from the heating of the sun, hydrology 101, which if acknowledged by Holland and the others in the alarmist global-warming crowd, would take the alarmism (Al Gore’s bogus global warming rap) right out of the equation, so we could move on to real issues to be concerned about, not this dreamed up one.

So since there does appear to have been more hurricanes through the last century, as Holland has noted, we must look below the oceans’ surface for the source of the heating (since global warmings’ heating of the oceans would be buffered and reversed by the certainly ensuent cloudcover), geothermal heating on the ocean floor, which is not reversed by any ensuent increased evaporation from the surface, to form the hurricanes, so below is where Holland needs to go to find the reason for the increase in hurricanes, not global warming which is stopped by the resultant increase in cloudcover by the greater evaporation off the oceans’ surface.

And the Ice Age was caused by much greater geothermal heating from the ocean floor, to have formed the dense global cloudcover for all that snowfall in the extreme latitudes and higher elevations of the middle latitudes, and the much greater rainfall in the lower elevations of the middle latitudes, when the Sahara, for instance, was a vast region of lakes and interconnecting rivers, when old kingdom Egypt was flourishing, as the Great Pyramid of Giza was surveyed and built (see article #2 at, before the climate changed when the Ice Age ended, because the ocean had cooled to about today’s temperatures, that’s hydrology 101 (see category Catastrophic Climate Change), much to consider as we study the causes of hurricanes and increased precipitation generally.

William Ryan of Columbia U., in my documentary, Dark Secrets of the Black Sea, acknowledges that warmer oceans do cause greater precipitation, to be considered as the cause of the Ice Age, and this is the direction even mainstream science will go in ice age studies, because it’s hydrology 101, fairly obvious to even a grade schooler, but the problem the mainstream scientists will have is to explain the geothermal heating event to have caused the Ice Age, which is explained however in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

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