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Saul Alinsky, “Saul the Red,” was a 60’s communist activist advocating for the overthrow of the U. S. government, the nefarious means to which outlined in his book “Rules for Radicals,” which has been the bible for “community organizers” ever since, eagerly adopted by the Weather Underground’s William Ayers, who helped plan bomb attacks on government facilities back in the 70’s, but in the 80’s, 90’s, and even today, as a radical educator in Chicago, the failed terrorist has sought to achieve his goal of global communism through community organization, ala Saul Alinsky, by funding from the Annenberg Challenge and the Woods Foundation, for groups such as ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, which bullies bankers for affirmative action loans, this activity having been the major cause of our current financial crisis, and these ACORN people are being convicted in federal courts almost daily these days for prodigious voter registration fraud, not surprisingly in battleground states, as they seek to upend our democratic constitutinal republic, just as Saul Alinsky and Joseph Stalin would have it.

Madeleine Talbot recruited Barack Obama back in the 80’s to train her new ACORN intimidators in Chicago, with one report on Hannity’s weekend show yesterday about that time with ACORN, when he instructed some thugs to burst into a bank board meeting, to just stand silently behind the bankers seated around the table, for (shall we say) dramatic effect, to scare the bankers into giving money to people who all too often couldn’t or wouldn’t pay it back, the major cause of what has gone wrong in our current financial crisis, because of Saul Alinsky’s “community organizing,” manifested in the activity of ACORN, for whom Obama has worked as activist, trainer, and attorney, and now, seeking hundreds of millions of tax dollars for that subversive group which does little good, and obviously, threatens our nation’s good.

Sarah Palin has touched only the surface in condemning Obama’s friendship and cooperation on the Annenberg Challenge, the Woods Fund, and ACORN, with William Ayers, who have known each other from at least as far back as the late 80’s in Chicago, and probably back in New York, in the early 80’s, Obama’s lost years while at Columbia U., the period of his life about which we don’t know much at all, no records, no friendships, just four blank years in the record, by design almost certainly, to cover for what he was doing, perhaps even with William Ayers and Lord knows who else, because after those years, he went straight to Chicago, to begin his “community organizing,” to quickly hookup with Talbot, Ayers, Wright, and Farrakhan.

And for more info on Obama’s style of communtiy organizing, just google Obama with Odinga, Khalidi, Raines, Johnson, Sutton, Mansour, Rezko, Auchi, and Qaddafi, to see that Obama is about the last person we need as president, unless you’re Saul Alinsky or William Ayers.

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