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The ancient mapmaker Claudius Ptolemy worked at the Library of Alexandria in Egypt circa 150 A. D., and his maps were drawn similar to our modern nautical mile maps in the sense that he used the 360 degree system too, so Ptolemy obviously got the 360 degree idea from ancient maps which were warehoused at that largest library in the ancient world, because we know that the 12 Winds Mapping System, base 6, preceded Ptolemy’s maps, and were said to have been (by Plato five hundred years previously) the most accurate navigation maps in the archaic world, the 12 Winds Maps, last used by a navigator named Timosthenes circa 600 B.C. (according to Plato), which had fallen out of favor because it was “too difficult” by Plato’s time, five hundred years before Ptolemy.

The maps of Ptolemy were not accurate, rather cartoonish actually, with horrible resolution of east west distances, because the greatest minds in that era, Hipparchus and Eratosthenes, had estimated the circumfence of the earth only crudely, so the precision suggested by the numbering by 360 belies the sophomoric attempt at precision on Ptolemy’s maps, indicating that he liked the number system of his predecesors, having seen that it’s the same number system as the religion of astrology which had been inherited from the Babylonians and Egyptians, but he thought the coastlines positions of the land masses were more accurately drawn by the navigators of his day, not knowing that the archaic maps were for a reason, not just to comport with astrology, because astrology came from that archaic mapping and navigational method, described in article #2 at,

The participants at the CPAK conference 2008, the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge, just finished up at UCSD, purport to have discussed the latest research and findings on ancient precession knowledge, but yet, they’ve ignored the ancient mapping determination in the link now for several years, since it was painstakingly deduced and made known in 2003-2004, but eventually, they will face the facts, deduced by this young earth creationist, ‘though they hate to admit it.

And Katherine Reece over at the Hall of Maat chatroom, who openly mocked the finding four years ago, will have to come to grips with this too, and with the fact that her glorious Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was in fact surveyed by the stars, as explained in the link, much to her chagrin, as she too can’t fathom that a young earth creationist could have figured this out, the mapping method which was the source of the geometric knowledge for the scheme of the religion of foolish astrology, much adored by Ms. Reece and many other New Agers, such as those at the CPAK conference, all who are ignoring the evidence.  And to see the big picture, checkout

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