Bill Maher anti Religion Movie Religulous Finally Opens October 3, 2008 Barack Obama’s Ostensible Christianity Mocked Lampooned by Bill Maher Film Religulous Directed by Larry Charles of Borat Fame Treats Old and New Testaments as Mythology to Opiate the Masses Intelligent Design Creationism Refutes Bill Maher’s Doctrinaire Darwinian Atheistic Worldview of Materialism with no Spirituality

Since Bill Maher is obviously an atheistic darwinist, he thinks he came from a series of morphed reproductions; “primordial ooze” having morphed into bugs, then into fish, then lizards, then tree shrews, then monkeys, then Bill Maher, nice family tree, if it were true, but the evidence indicates that darwinian evolution is clearly nonsense, so the premise of Maher’s new film Religulous, directed by Larry Charles of Borat fame, that the creation, by God, could not have happened (particularly as described in the Bible), is intellectually dishonest, showing Maher’s (and apparently Charles’) ignorance of the plethora of evidence corroborating the plain reading of the Genesis account in the Torah (checkout the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!), obviously with their heads in the sand, hiding from the evidence which is all around them, if only they would look, but they can’t, because they don’t want God to be.  You’ll have to ask them why is this?

The movie is finally being released, originally to have come out in July, but they chose to put it off to a month before the elections, no doubt trying to paint a bad picture of Sarah Palin’s Christianity, but this will only bring more attention to it, not what Maher and Charles want, but they have done it, with the movie now to come out this Friday, Oct. 3, the day after Palin debates Biden in St. Louis.  Coincidence?  Certainly not.

Barack Obama claims to be a Christian, but he seeks to appease islamists, his longtime pastor Jeremiah Wright thinks Jesus was black, and that therefore, the Jews have no claim to the Holy Land, and Obama wants only specious darwinian evolution taught in the schools, so the great interview for Maher would be with Obama, asking him why his beliefs so violate that which is written in the scriptures, asking how it can be that because of this he is not a hypocrite intellectually?

And another great interview would be with a Genesis believing Christian who knows what in the world he’s talking about, such as yours truly, so I hope Bill and I can talk on the air, I can explain to him how the ancients accurately measured the earth according to the purposeful design of the rate of the wobble of the earth’s axis (see article #2 at, making it understandable to even Bill, and too, we could talk about his belief that he morphed from a bug, maybe we can work him through that to see that species is a meaningless term, because types of animals have naturally selected within reproductive sygameons, rendering darwinism senseless, destined for the junk-heap of jettisoned scientific hypotheses.

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