Sarah Palin Us Weekly Magazine Cover “Babies Lies and Scandal” Owner Jann Wenner Loses Suffers Thousands of Subscription Cancellations by Irrate Readers because of Rag Us Weekly’s Cover of Sarah Palin and son Trig Potential Marketing Catastrophe for Jann Wenner’s Rolling Stone Magazine Sales Could Suffer as Barack Obama’s Youth Vote Support has Dropped Precipitously by 36% says Zogby Polling of Young Electorate Spells Disaster for Obama

Owner Jann Wenner and crew of Us Weekly magazine, in their zeal to attack on behalf of Team Obama, hurt their business in a big way with their cover story about Sarah Palin entitled “Babies Lies and Scandals,” mailed to subscribers last week, which has outraged so many that about 10,000 people cancelled their subscriptions before the the ill-advised issue even got to their mail boxes, having seen the outrageous cover on tv, with sales of Wenner’s Rolling Stone Magazine now in jeopardy, because Obama’s support among the 18 to 29 demographic has declined 36% over the last few months, as reported by left leaning Zogby, so with the Us Weekly outrage by Wenner, his Rolling Stone Magazine may receive the wrath of the hundreds of thousands of young people who have smelled the coffee about Obama, and will rush to Palin’s side, perhaps even dissing Rolling Stone as well, to show support for McCain/Palin, and their disapproval of Wenner’s willingness to smear Palin for the benefit of his master, Barack H. Obama.

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